There are two  reserved  parking spaces per townhome in our community. Spaces are not reserved on state-maintained streets but are marked to leave the space closest to each townhouse for its resident. Some spaces both in the parking bays and on streets are left unmarked and intended for visitors. To report parking violations, please call 368-0202.

Residents with more than three vehicles must park the excess outside the community so that they do not interfere with neighbors. Towing will be enforced.

All vehicles must be properly licensed, inspected, and in operating condition and violators are subject to ticketing and towing.

Recreational and inoperable or abandoned vehicles will no longer be allowed to be parked in unreserved spots. Once a vehicle has been designated as inoperable or abandoned by the SHOA; it must be removed from the neighborhood.

Recreational Vehicles. Any boat, boat trailer, motor home, self-contained camper, mobile home, trailer, pop-up camper/tent trailer, horse trailer or similarly oriented vehicle. Private or public school or church buses are unapproved vehicles.

Inoperative Vehicles. Any vehicle with a malfunction of an essential part required for the legal operation of the vehicle or which is partially or totally disassembled by the removal of tires, wheels, engine, or other essential parts required for legal operation of the vehicle.

Abandoned Vehicles. Any vehicle left unmoved in an unassigned parking space for more than 14 consecutive days, unless the owner provides written notice to the SHOA Board in advance that he or she will be away and unable to move the vehicle for a period greater than 14 days. In cases where a violation is committed, a notice will be placed on the vehicle, and if no response is received within seven (7) days, it will be subject to the Association's towing policy.

Sudley Home Owners Association Traffic Meeting
Ben Lomond Community Center
July 24, 2019
The meeting was called to order at 7:29 p.m. by HOA President Henry Hastings. Also, in attendance were two Prince William County (PWC) parking enforcement officers, about 30 residents, an area HOA representative (Phil Rash), one homeowner who lives near the HOA property, and board members.
State (Public) Streets: Copeland, Colton, Bland, Brandon Way
The first half of the meeting was dedicated to discussing parking and traffic issues related to the state (public) streets within the HOA. Parking on these streets can only be enforced by PWC law enforcement officers, not the HOA. Issues for which residents and owners should phone the non-emergency PWC police number (703-792-6500):

  • Vehicles parked in designated (signed) handicapped areas and fire lanes
  • Vehicles parked in yellow painted “no parking” areas
  • Vehicles with expired tags (license) or inspection sticker
  • Vehicles that appear abandoned, inoperable (not in operating condition), or partially or totally disassembled (for at least 10 days)
  • Vehicles causing a safety concern
  • Vehicles parked in a front yard (not more than 35% of 720 square foot front yard)
  • Commercial vehicles over certain weight restrictions (10,100 pound or more): box, flat bed, or stack bed trucks; step vans; and trailers
  • Certain vehicles prohibited regardless of weight: cement trucks; construction equipment; dump trucks; garbage, refuse, or recycling trucks; passenger buses (excluding school buses); tractors or trailers of a tractor-trailer truck; and tow trucks
Residents should collect the following information when phoning the police: make/model of vehicle, tag number/state of registration, nearest address of location, and potential violation. Police will come out as they are available to assess the situation and ticket if warranted (usually with a 10-day notice). Residents are asked to phone the non-emergency number if the ticketed vehicle has not moved after 10 days.
  • Note: Vehicles simply parked in front of a house on a state/public street cannot be ticketed and towed if legally parked. Residents are asked to inform the HOA if the vehicle belongs to a frequent/repeat offender who also happens to be a resident or a guest of a resident. The HOA can send a letter or take other action to discourage such repeat behavior (e.g., elimination of reserved parking spaces for offending resident).  
  • Note: Company trucks (i.e., vans with company logos and lettering) are not considered commercial vehicles and can park on state-maintained (public) roads
Private Streets: Bedford, Campbell, Henry, Sabin, Tasker, Yuma, and parking bays off the streets above
Registrations on Copeland are complete but those of vehicles of residents on other HOA streets will occur soon. A database will be created for enforcement of unreserved spaces.
Major parking/traffic issues and possible solutions raised by residents are as follows:

  1. Numerous residents/tenants expressed frustration about the lack of communication and receiving no responses on their numerous phone calls to the HOA number. Residents are asked to send traffic and parking concerns to the HOA, which is distributed to all board members. Several residents suggested conducting a traffic survey to solicit additional concerns and solutions to traffic/parking services. Additionally, it was suggested that the board create a parking committee that could offer direct feedback and suggestions from the community and possibly serve as volunteers for parking enforcement.
  2. Bland street residents have no reserved parking for residents. By end of year, the HOA would provide one enforceable reserved space, in the parking bay, and one non-enforceable reserved space.
  3. Some of the non-reserved spaces (aka: open, visitor, or those not reserved for any street) are occupied by guests, non-resident day workers, or residents who park in these spaces but leave their own reserved spaces open. Residents who identify such actions should contact the HOA with specific information: dates/times, vehicle identification information, resident information (if known), etc. The HOA relies on residents to keep the board information of traffic and parking violations.
  1. Some residents expressed frustration about vehicles with lettering and ladders parking in the HOA private areas due to appearance and property value concerns. Residents who see the following prohibited vehicles parked on HOA private streets are asked to report them with identifying information to the HOA. Refer to allowance in the bullet below.
Prince William County Code Section 13-327 states that commercial vehicles (often dual or double wheel vehicles) are prohibited from parking in any residence district countywide. Commercial vehicles include a tractor truck or tractor truck/semitrailer or tractor truck/trailer combination, dump truck, a concrete mixer truck, a towing and recovery vehicle with a registered gross weight of 12,000 pounds or more, heavy construction equipment.
  • The HOA will need to investigate the appropriate measures and regulations regarding this concern. Essentially any vehicle that weighs more than 10,100 pounds or more, used for commercial purposes or for hire (limousine), and contains advertising of some sort on it are prohibited. An initial review suggests that some commercial vehicles are considered appropriate: 1) where the occupant of the dwelling is the operator of the vehicle, 2) vehicles are passenger motor vehicles or light duty trucks, 3) those that are less than 7,500 pounds in gross vehicle weight, and 4) they are exclusively used in a business or commercial activity (not for personal use). 
  1. Numerous residents expressed frustration with a lack of and more responsive towing of offending vehicles parked in reserved spaces. Giving the community more access to towing will be explored.
 A lease cap or placing a vehicle requirement on rental/lease properties within the HOA to control the number of vehicles per resident was suggested.

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