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Graffiti Removal: If you find graffiti on your property, please take steps to remove it as soon as possible. Call 703 368 0202 if you would like access to a power washer.

Please advise Public Works if you see anyone flushing, dumping or pushing unwanted items like paint, motor oil, anitfreeze, hazardous waste, grass clippings or other debris into storm drains. Report offenders to Public Works at 703 792 7070 or by email at 

Additional Exterior Lighting: There have been incidences of vandalism and theft from vehicles. Take precautions to lock your vehicle and hide any valuables out of plain view. Police Officers have advised is to brighten the streetscape by encouraging every house to leave the front and rear exit lights on at nighttime to discourage intruders. Be a responsible neighbor - if your witness suspicious activity, call 911. If the deed has been done, call the Police at 703 792 6650.

SHOA has installed streetlights at parking bays and on some corners. If you see one of these lights not working, ccall NOVEC at 703 330 0500 to report the outage. 

Dues:  Dues are billed quarterly and cover lawn maintenance of SHOA common property, paving and snow removal of SHOA-owned streets and parking bays, household trash removal and routine expenses to run the organization. The 2023 dues are $520 annually payable to MJF Associates on Crestwood Drive who is responsible for billing and collecting homeowners' quarterly dues. With each invoice, a self-addressed remittance envelope will be provided. Questions about dues should be directed to them at 703-369-6535.

Pets:  Prince William County requires all dogs to be on a leash when outside and will levy a fine on residents who allow their dogs to defecate on public or private property without followup. Bconsiderate of your neighbors and scoop the poop so that there will not be offensive odors or attraction for rodents. 

Dogs who bark continuosly can be a noise nuisance and if reported, are subject to police intervention. 


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